Product Spotlight: Edikio by Evolis


Product Spotlight: Edikio by Evolis

March 2023

Well-designed and beautifully printed cards and labels exude confidence and competence. It tells
customers that you are invested in delivering quality goods and services. Which makes them feel more at
ease with transacting with you. This level of branding is important, especially for businesses that pride
themselves as paragons of quality products and services.

This is why we partnered with one of the top companies in the world to bring Edikio printers to the
country. In this article, we’ll tell you more about our card printing partner and why you need an Edikio
printer in your business ASAP.

Edikio: Professional and original presentation tags on plastic cards

The Edikio card printer machine is a game-changer for businesses that require professional-looking cards
for their operations. Whether it’s employee IDs, loyalty/membership cards, labels, or event tickets, the
Edikio card printer machine delivers high-quality results you can achieve in-house. With its user-friendly
design and easy operation, you can save time and increase productivity while enjoying professional-
looking cards.

This machine is owned by the company Evolis group, which specializes in designing, producing, and
marketing a complete range of plastic card personalization solutions designed for the identification of
people and goods. They are based in France but have subsidiaries and distribution partners all over the


Edikio: plastic tag printing solutions
  • Edikio: Price Tag and Edikio: Guest

Create personalized cards and tags that stand out with Edikio: Price tag and Edikio: Guest. These card
printers are designed to print high-quality price tags that display necessary information to your customers
and staff. It’s a quick, efficient, and economical way to print your price tags on plastic cards. 

Some of the benefits of having the Edikio: Price Tag and Edikio: Guest include: 

  • Time Savings. Owning a price tag printer allows you to change prices and information on
    demand. No need to wait for a supplier to quote, produce, and ship your requirements before
    getting them on the shelf. Now, you can print new labels and price tags in seconds!
  • Hygienic Products. For businesses that deal with food items, hygiene is one of the most
    important things to maintain. Our PVC cards are easy to clean and resistant to cold and moisture.
    Making it an ideal tag to use in refrigerators and cold storage.
  • Easy-to-read Displays. Your consumers and staff won’t have difficulty reading the information
    printed on these labels since the card has the ideal dimensions and the text is printed clearly.
  • Unique Labels. The Eidikio software and printer allow you to design and print branded labels.
    Personalize all your tags with relevant graphics and logos, plus essential information about your
    product. This would help customers understand your product more and reinforce brand recall, so
    you can stand out from competitors.

Customized Labels and More
Aside from creating beautiful tags and labels, you can also use Eidikio printers to create customized and
personalized cards. These cards can be used to manage your employees or satisfy your customers. 

Here are other things you can design and print with the Eidikio printers: 

  • Event cards:Give seminar participants, wedding guests, and other attendees personalized ID
    badges and souvenir cards.
  • Discount and gift cards:Provide customers personalized gift cards they can give their loved
    ones. This is perfect for seasonal gift cards that’ll stand out.
  • VIP and Membership Cards.Make your loyal customers feel special with a classy card worthy of
    their status.
  • Employee Badges.Create employee IDs with ease and have them within the day.
  • Access Cards.Give your clients exclusive and personalized access cards to access different

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Product Spotlight: Edikio by Evolis