Brewing Up Customer Loyalty: 5 Loyalty Program ideas for Coffee Shops


Brewing Up Customer Loyalty: 5 Loyalty Program ideas for Coffee Shops

March 2023

Running a cafe in today’s competitive market can be challenging because of all the new
cafes opening up. You’ll see trendy cafes popping up left and right with different
concepts and offerings, and consumers love it! They have a lot of options now to get
their daily caffeine fix. Plus, they have additional destinations to visit during the

For café owners and managers, keeping their customers, securing repeat purchases,
and building loyalty is now a tall order. And as you know, customer loyalty is crucial for
businesses since it creates a consistent and predictable revenue flow. Plus, loyal
customers spend more, helping you increase profitability in the long run. We know this
to be true since more than half of Starbucks’; revenue comes from its customer loyalty

So, how can you build customer retention and loyalty for your business? Well, pour
yourself a cup of coffee and read on. We’re here to give you loyalty program ideas for
your cafe business.

Bonus points for referrals
If you want to grow your business and get customers, giving bonus points for customer
referrals is necessary. Rewarding your loyal customers with extra points for bringing
their friends would encourage them to hang out with their friends in your café more
frequently. This is a cost-effective way to increase brand awareness and product trials.

Aside from bonus points, you can also give exclusive incentives for loyal customers who
refer more customers to your business. A good example is giving away a limited edition
tumbler for customers who refer 10 or more friends to sign up for your loyalty program.

Exclusive delivery app promo codes

Delivery apps like GrabFood and FoodPanda are very prevalent these days. Many
people (especially busy office workers) use these platforms to order their meals,
snacks, and coffee. That’s because ordering through an app is easier and much more
convenient than going out and queueing.

The downside is that your customers usually cannot use their loyalty and rewards
program perks since the delivery provider uses a different interface altogether. Which
makes it disappointing for customers and a missed opportunity for brands.

But what if you partnered with these delivery apps to provide your loyal customers
exclusive codes they can redeem when they order. This would create customer delight
and encourage more people to sign-up for your loyalty rewards program.

Some of your customer’s actions can help you reduce costs. Make it a habit for them by
rewarding them for helping you save costs.

Double points for bringing your own cup 
Many establishments are now incentivizing customers who bring their own cups. That’s
because aside from being environmentally friendly, it’s also a good way to save costs.
This strategy works because customers are becoming more environmentally conscious.
This is seen in the prevalence of tumblers, flasks, and other reusable containers and

Reward your customers for bringing their own cups by giving them double points in your
loyalty program. This’ll encourage them to visit more often with their own
cups/containers. If you’re selling branded tumblers, triple the points for those who’ll buy
and use them.

Free taste for newly rolled-out drinks 
Exclusive perks and benefits are one of the main reasons why people sign up for loyalty
programs. Your loyal customers want access to things only available to some. This
makes them feel valued and special. And giving them more exclusive perks would
increase satisfaction and delight.
One of the things you can do is to give them a free taste of experimental or new drinks.
No need to give them a full drink either. Just a half-serving for them to taste is enough
to create customer delight.

Personalized drink on their birthday 
Make your customers feel extra special on their special day. While other coffee shops
offer a slice of cake or a free beverage, why not go the extra mile? Give your loyalty
program members their favorite drink for free. Better yet, craft an exclusive birthday
brew customers can only get on their special day.
This level of personalization will help you build customer delight, which increases your
brand equity and customer loyalty.

Bonus: Go cardless

Since a lot of consumers are now environmentally conscious, going for a cardless (QR,
web-based, or app-based) loyalty rewards program is a good step. Not only will it
appeal to your customer’s environmental side, but there are also a lot of marketing
advantages to switching to digital rewards programs.


Brewing Up Customer Loyalty: 5 Loyalty Program ideas for Coffee Shops