Gorgeous Growth: 7 Loyalty Programs Ideas for Beauty Establishments


Gorgeous Growth: 7 Loyalty Programs Ideas for Beauty Establishments

April 2023

Imagine you’re a regular customer at a hair salon. You’re offered to sign up for their rewards program. With it, you’re given a loyalty card to collect points and redeem rewards. You also get a free deep conditioning treatment with every haircut. And on your birthday, you get a free hair styling and make-up service.

Would these perks make you feel special and valued by that salon? Will those perks make you keep coming back there? And would you share those perks with your friends so that they can avail of them too?

A rewarding loyalty program is a powerful tool for beauty establishments looking to grow their business because it offers many benefits. These results include:

  • Better customer retention: By offering points and incentives, customers will keep returning, so they can avail of the rewards.
  • Consistent revenue stream: Loyal customers visit more frequently. This provides the business with a steady revenue stream, allowing it to focus on growth and improvement.
  • Improved customer engagement: Loyalty programs encourage customers to engage with the brand frequently. These interactions include frequent visits, social media involvement, and customer referrals.
  • Increased customer satisfaction: Rewards and incentives improve customer satisfaction levels. This boost creates a positive brand image for the beauty establishment.
  • Positive word-of-mouth: Enticing rewards programs encourage your customers to share it with their friends. These referrals help you grow your business without spending a lot on advertising.

To get the most out of your loyalty programs, it’s crucial to make them unique and exciting to stand out from your competitors. In this article, we’ll share seven unique and innovative customer loyalty program ideas for your business.

Guaranteed bookings

One of the things consumers seek is convenience. They don’t want long lines and waiting times; they want to be served instantly. Giving your loyal customers guaranteed bookings eliminate this hassle for them. 

As a result, they’ll feel special since you prioritized their needs and ensured they’ll be taken care of. This positive experience increases customer satisfaction and brand affinity for your customers. These two are essential building blocks of customer loyalty.

Personalized packages

Another way to make your customers feel unique is by creating a special package exclusively for them and named after them. Using customer data from your loyalty management software, you can determine which services a customer always avails. You can create a personalized package and discount for that bundle with that information. You can even include services they might like, based on previous services they availed.

This idea is perfect for your most loyal customers since they are the ones who have the most comprehensive consumer data. Plus, since they’re already loyal to you and they’ve experienced most of the things you can offer, this exceeds expectations.

The customer delight moment strengthens your customer’s loyalty to your brand.

Milestone perks

Make special occasions more magical for your customers by offering them milestone perks. Give them freebies and upgrades on milestone events like – graduations, recognition nights, parties/weddings, birthdays, photoshoots, and other special occasions.

This would make them feel valued by your brand since you want to make them feel extra beautiful on these momentous occasions.

Special treats

Turn regular sessions into pamper times by offering your loyalty members special treats during their visit. You can serve them complimentary drinks and snacks while they get their fix.

This positive and relaxing experience will encourage your customers to keep coming back for more.

Expert recommendations

If you have beauty experts in your establishment, you can provide your loyal customers with free consultations and recommendations. For instance, if you have an in-house dermatologist, you can give free skin consultation and a treatment plan to help address skin issues.

This is definitely an appealing perk for your customers that only some of your competitors can offer. A unique perk like this can encourage more sign-ups from your existing customer base and brand switching from your competitors’ clients.

Personalized gift bags

One of the things your most loyal customers would appreciate is personalized gift bags during the holidays. Using the data in your customer loyalty program, you can prepare a gift bag with products that fit their needs. For example, if you’re a hair salon and you see that your client Matilda gets regular treatment for her dry scalp, then you can gift her shampoo for dry scalp as a Christmas gift.

You can reserve this gesture for your top customers since this can be a bit costly.

Access to exclusive events

As a beauty establishment, you need to join and host different beauty events. This helps you establish your brand as an expert in your industry. Moreover, it’s an excellent opportunity to spread awareness and reward your most loyal customers.

One of the things you can do is host a beauty party, where you bring together all your suppliers, partners, and celebrity influencers. Make this event an exclusive party with exciting experiences for all the attendees. This would be a fun experience for your loyal customers and a good PR move to grow your brand.

You can use most of these ideas on their own. But you can also add your personal twist that fits your brand. Also, don’t forget to make it relevant and personalized to your customers so you can earn extra mileage for your brand.

Gorgeous Growth: 7 Loyalty Programs Ideas for Beauty Establishments