ARLO Product Spotlight


ARLO Product Spotlight

February 2023

Customer loyalty programs encourage customers to buy a company’s product or service continuously. By offering rewards, incentives, or special perks to repeat customers, businesses aim to build long-term relationships and foster customer loyalty. This increases brand preference and customer retention, contributing to business profitability.

Customer loyalty programs also provide valuable information about customers and their buying habits. This allows companies to tailor their offerings better to meet the needs and preferences of their target market.

Given how valuable loyalty programs are for businesses, it’s equally important to have the right tools and software to implement loyalty campaigns easily.

The right loyalty management software can provide businesses with many benefits, as outlined in this article.

Today, let’s look at ARLO – one of the most comprehensive loyalty management software available in the Philippines.

What is ARLO?

ARLO is AllCard’s proprietary loyalty management platform. This software allows retailers to manage rewards programs to build customer loyalty. The platform has all the essential features to run a loyalty management program and more.

What can ARLO do?

1.Collect and manage customer database across different branches

Are you handling multiple branches or several businesses? Then you’ll know how hard it is to manage data streams from other sources.

With ARLO, you can collect and store all your consumer data on one platform. Just organize your consumers by group, so they’re segmented how you want them to be. Now, you won’t have to worry about losing consumer data and long aggregation times. 

2.Create highly-targeted loyalty campaigns

Personalized remarketing and loyalty campaigns are more effective than broad-targeted ones.

ARLO gives you the power to create different personalized campaigns based on the vast array of data you can collect.

Aside from birthday campaigns for your customers, you can also create campaigns based on their favorite products, nearest branches, or their loyalty level. This would help you build a better relationship with your customers.

3.Standalone system

Get started in a snap!

Since ARLO is a web-based app, you can use it with any computer or laptop device with an internet connection. You won’t have any headaches integrating it with your current POS or CRM system and ultimately saving you time and money from tedious integration and system updates.

4.Access your campaigns anywhere thru a web-based portal and an on-ground app

Another perk of being a web-based app is accessibility. With ARLO, you can log in to the portal anywhere, anytime, to run or manage your campaigns. Your team can also access it even when they’re not in the office or the store, making it easy for those adopting a hybrid work setup.

The on-ground app makes it easier for your team to register new members, manage member data, and monitor rewards redemption since they can do everything in real-time.

5. Carded or Cardless programs

Different consumers have different preferences. Some still want a physical reward card, while others only want something they can store on their phones.

Whatever loyalty program you’re running, ARLO has you covered. Our platform can handle carded, QR-based, and cardless rewards programs. You can even have a combination of the three, and managing it won’t be a problem!

6. Run multiple loyalty campaigns for various products, brands, or companies in one dashboard

Are you managing multiple campaigns, branches, or brands? No worries! ARLO can make it easier for you.

Aside from collecting and housing consumer data across different business units, you can also run personalized loyalty campaigns for every consumer segment on your account.

7. Direct line of Communications with customers

Build an engaged audience by sending personalized SMS, email, and push notifications to notify your customers about your latest promos, rewards, and other incentives. This allows you to build a closer relationship with your audience, increasing their brand affinity towards you.

8. Customizable dashboard

Every business has its own unique needs. That’s why we made ARLO a customizable rewards program. Now, you can tailor your ARLO dashboard to include essential data and features for your bus

ARLO Product Spotlight