Allcard hosts a successful webinar on ARIS


Allcard hosts a successful webinar on ARIS

May 2021

Allcard held a webinar last Thursday, as it highlighted its ARIS solution.  It was co-hosted by Allcard Technologies, the IT services arm of Allcard and its regional office for Visayas and Mindanao, The Hive.

Ms. Kristel Cue-Lee, the Managing Director of Allcard Technologies, presented ARIS as the first step that any city or municipality could take towards their digital transformation initiatives.  With ARIS, they could implement their own resident identification system which could help them execute localized programs and activities efficiently within their own communities

The demonstration conducted by Mr. Ivan Guevarra, the Requirements Analyst for Allcard Technologies, further showed how ARIS is uncomplicated and flexible to use whether using a plastic card, a digital ID or even facial recognition technology to identify the residents.

Overall, the webinar was a success with 80 participants in total from different LGU’s in Manila and as far as Visayas and Mindanao.  In his closing remarks, Mr. Carlos Jarlego, Allcard’s Sales Manager for Government Sector, is positive that ARIS is the first step towards the future of digital transformation. Click on the video below for his closing remarks in full.

For more information on ARIS, please email us at CONNECT@allcard.com.ph.


Allcard hosts a successful webinar on ARIS