New Products

Introducing Kneura – a Virtual Classroom Platform for Blended Learning

AllCard has partnered with Germany-based Cybernetyx to bring its new e-learning solution—Kneura—to the Philippines. As opposed to other learning management systems focused solely on remote learning, Cybernetyx promotes blended learning–the ability to equip physical classrooms with smart technology to integrate them with a school’s e-learning infrastructure, for when students eventually go back to school. Using Cybernetyx’s smart devices, every TV or monitor can be converted into a touch screen, integrated with its Kneura virtual classroom platform.

Price Tag Solution: AVLS Gala Dinner

Edikio Price Tag Solution intelligently combines function and creativity. The food labels at the gala dinner were printed with Greek ornaments which made the buffet table more pleasing while also reinforcing the event’s theme. On top of that, the custom-made food labels are easily readable and so it provided clear information on what is served on the buffet table.

Price Tag Solution: Cindy’s Bakery

Upgrading from paper cards to Price Tag Solution is a smart move for Cindy’s Bakery. They have lesser things to worry about now that they have a plastic price labeling system that equips their store with stain-free and crease-free food tags. Aside from that, the Price Tag Solution also offers convenience that regular paper cards cannot provide. Just a swipe could remove the food stains on the label cards. On top of these, the Price Tags are made of a food-safe material which allows food store owners to place a label tag without contaminating the food.

Ateilla E-WALLET

As an end-to-end solutions provider, AllCard produced the gift cards, supplied a terminal for all branches and delivered its Ateilla E-Wallet software solution for transaction processing and reports. Fully Booked was able to launch a successful Christmas gift card program, and these cards continue to be accepted in all branches today.

Loyalty And Rewards

To stay competitive with other fuel companies offering card programs to their customers, SEAOIL engaged AllCard to provide a customized end-to-end loyalty and rewards solution consisting of a back end system, terminal hardware and card production. As a result of close collaboration, SEAOIL was able to launch its VIP CLUB Card in February 2018, enabling them to give personalized rewards and incentives to customers.

Visitor Management

Aeon Fantasy engaged AllCard in January 2018 to help automate its registration and visitor management process. Up until then, they used manual forms that their customers had to fill out every time they visited Kidzooona, which was becoming tedious to encode and monitor for their back office. They also wanted to launch a card that could not only function as a customer identity card, but also give loyalty benefits for each visit.

Ateilla MyCampus Card

Given Allcard’s project references and good track record in implementing card solutions, Saint Pedro Poveda College decided to engage AllCard in 2016 to automate the process of generating time and attendance logs and create a fetcher management solution to speed up the fetching process. Their manual process until then was proving to be a burden, and they needed to develop ways to make access control more efficient and secure.