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Unleashing the Potential of Customer Loyalty: 8 Creative Ideas for Any Business

Repeat purchases and customer loyalty are two pillars of a sustainable business. These two factors areessential in ensuring a business’ cash flow. Repeat customers mean recurrent purchases, which givesbusinesses a continuous income stream without spending for customer acquisition. On the other hand,loyal customers not only bring repeat purchases but tend to spend more and are […]

Marketing Personalization: The Secret to Building Loyal Customers

Building customer loyalty is not easy for businesses, especially since almost every business has somerewards program. From punch cards to complex mobile apps, almost every business aiming to grow hasa strategy to build its relationship with its customers. This makes it more challenging for businesses to getcustomers to sign up for their membership program. Even […]

Product Spotlight: Edikio by Evolis

Well-designed and beautifully printed cards and labels exude confidence and competence. It tellscustomers that you are invested in delivering quality goods and services. Which makes them feel more atease with transacting with you. This level of branding is important, especially for businesses that pridethemselves as paragons of quality products and services. This is why we […]

Trendy Loyalty Programs for Clothing Stores

Retaining customers is the lifeblood of any successful clothing brand. We’ve seen many fashion brands exit the runway early because their customers hopped on the next hottest thing, forgetting all about them. And we’ve seen brands that have existed for more than three generations and are still going strong just because their customers (and, by […]

ARLO Product Spotlight

Customer loyalty programs encourage customers to buy a company’s product or service continuously. By offering rewards, incentives, or special perks to repeat customers, businesses aim to build long-term relationships and foster customer loyalty. This increases brand preference and customer retention, contributing to business profitability. Customer loyalty programs also provide valuable information about customers and their […]

What are Remarketing Campaigns

Imagine walking into a clothing store and trying on a pair of shoes you love but ultimately deciding not to buy them. Days later, you receive an email with a special discount on those same shoes. This is the perfect example of a remarketing campaign in action. By leveraging data and advanced targeting techniques, businesses […]

5 Reasons Why Small & Medium Businesses Need a Customer Loyalty Software

As our previous articles mentioned, an effective customer loyalty program is a powerful business strategy. It has the potential to increase a business’s revenue and profitability drastically. This is because getting repeat customers is much cheaper than acquiring new ones. Plus, loyal customers tend to bring in more customers, which reduces your need for advertising. […]