With over 800 outlets in Asia, Japan-based Aeon Fantasy Group specializes in the operation of entertainment facilities in shopping centers, rapidly expanding in China, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia, Malaysia and Indonesia. In 2014, Aeon Fantasy Group Philippines was established, operating under the name “KIDZOOONA” – an indoor playground concept founded on the idea of creating a safe, fun-filled environment for families. It now has 42 branches nationwide and provides a unique “edutainment” experience for children.

Aeon Fantasy engaged AllCard in January 2018 to help automate its registration and visitor management process. Up until then, they used manual forms that their customers had to fill out every time they visited Kidzooona, which was becoming tedious to encode and monitor for their back office. They also wanted to launch a card that could not only function as a customer identity card, but also give loyalty benefits for each visit.

As an end-to-end solutions provider, AllCard supplied the cards, terminals and back end system to make the customer registration process and each visit a seamless experience. Instead of printed forms, each Kidzooona branch was given an Android terminal, where the front-line staff can register new customers, add children and guardian information, and have customers sign their terms and conditions – eliminating the need for paper. Capturing the photo also nsured children’s safety and security, since they had no way to identify the child before besides the name. Checking in and out to monitor playing time is now done via the terminal, with the flexibility of using a QR code or the loyalty card.

Automating the visitor management process at the branch level not only made each visit frictionless for customers, it also gave Aeon Fantasy the analytics to track their daily customers and log the visits of top clients using a web-based portal on the back end. They are now able to do this for more than 20,000 registered customers since the project went live in April.

Together with AllCard’s loyalty solution, a visitor management system is a powerful way to gather information on your customer base, including their habits.

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