Cindy's Bakery

Out with the old and in with the new. Cindy's Bakery upgraded its label tags from ordinary paper cards to a more hygienic, long-lasting, and aesthetically-pleasing Price Tag Solution.

Cindy's Bakery is one of the fastest growing bakeshops in the country with over 60 accessible branches as of 2018. Hailing originally from Tarlac, Cindy's Bakery has now expanded to Metro Manila and other parts of Luzon –bringing Tarlac's signature pastries and meal favorites closer to every Filipino. Their commitment is to consistently provide two things: Good Food and Good Place.

As Cindy's Bakery continues to grow, so does its need to uphold its image of providing customers with freshly-baked breads in a pleasing place. Along with this growth is the challenge to carry food labels that are durable, easy to clean, and modern-looking. Over time, consumers have become smarter and more skeptical of their purchases. Selling has become highly visual, and the first thing consumers usually notice is how food products are presented at a store. The Evolis Price Tag Solution exclusively distributed by Allcard gives you the perfect way to make your food look fresh and your store look modern and professional.

Upgrading from paper cards to Price Tag Solution is a smart move for Cindy’s Bakery. They have lesser things to worry now that they have a plastic price labeling system that equips their store with stain-free and crease-free food tags. Aside from that, the Price Tag Solution also offer convenience that regular paper cards cannot provide. Just a swipe could remove the food stains on the label cards. On top of these, the Price Tags are made of a food-safe material which allows food store owners to place a label tag without contaminating the food.

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