AVLS Gala Dinner

Consistent up to the little details. The AVLS’ Greek Mythology-themed gala dinner wouldn’t be complete without the highly customizable, easy-to-use, and food-safe Price Tag Solution.

Themed events are becoming more popular nowadays. These themes bring anticipation and excitement, making the attendees more connected to the event activities. This is exactly why AVLS spent months in organizing a themed gala dinner as a part of their 2-day business review which was held at the Santorini-inspired Camp Netanya in Anilao, Batangas.

Edikio Price Tag Solution intelligently combines function and creativity. The food labels at the gala dinner were printed with Greek ornaments which made the buffet table more pleasing while also reinforcing the event’s theme. On top of that, the custom-made food labels are easily readable and so it provided a clear information on what is served on the buffet table.

Aside from being moisture resistant, food safe, and professional looking, Edikio Price Tag Solution’s usability is also undeniable. The well thought-out design of both its hardware and software are devised for your ease of use. Whether you need food labels customized for a themed event or price tags sporting your own brand’s logo, font styles, and icons, the Edikio Price Tag Solution is equipped with features that will help you design and print label cards without any difficulty.   Having an event soon? Contact us now for food-safe Price Tag Solution!