Ateilla MyCampus Card

Established in 1960, Saint Pedro Poveda College is a private educational institution located in Pasig City offering pre-school, grade school and high school classes, as well as higher education. It currently has around 2,300 students and 450 employees

Given Allcard’s project references and good track record in implementing card solutions, Saint Pedro Poveda College decided to engage AllCard in 2016 to automate the process of generating time and attendance logs and create a fetcher management solution to speed up the fetching process. Their manual process until then was proving to be a burden, and they needed to develop ways to make access control more efficient and secure.

Allcard therefore delivered and installed five tripod turnstile sets and ten tapping stations at the gates where students and employees can tap in and out upon entering or leaving the campus. These are integrated with AllCard’s MyCampus™ Card solution – an innovative integrated campus software that manages all time and attendance entries and generates automated reports. Together with the Visitor Management and Fetcher Management module, this enables Saint Pedro Poveda College to secure all entry/exit points, creating a safe environment for all Poveda students.

As part of the project, Saint Pedro Poveda College also decided to outsource their ID card printing to AllCard. Instead of printing the cards themselves using a traditional card printer, they rely on AllCard for scheduled data capture activities (including photo and electronic signature) and encoding the cards on-site. This takes away the arduous process of batch data capture and printing for the administration office.

With the success of the project, the school is now planning to extend the functionality of the ID card as a method of payment in the cafeteria, as well as integrate the AllCard solution with employee biometrics and payroll.