Ateilla E-WALLET

Established in 2003, Fully Booked is the country’s leading premium bookstore chain, carrying over a hundred thousand titles across multiple genres. Now with 27 branches nationwide, it continues to strive to be the bookstore of choice in terms of delivering the best selection, ambiance and customer experience.

Given AllCard’s project references and good track record in implementing card solutions, Saint Pedro Poveda College decided to engage AllCard in 2016 to automate the process of generating time and attendance logs and create a fetcher management solution to speed up the fetching process. Their manual process until then was proving to be a burden, and they needed to develop ways to make access control more efficient and secure.

In 2015, Fully Booked decided to upgrade their gift certificate product. At the time, they were using paper certificates; therefore, the redemption process wasn’t smooth and they had to manually consolidate all data. They also wanted to have a marketing promo to launch in time for the Christmas season. Thus, they made a decision to work with AllCard to create a reloadable gift card. Instead of throwing these paper certificates away after use, customers could just top-up their cards and use them for repeat purchases.

As an end-to-end solutions provider, AllCard produced the gift cards, supplied a terminal for all branches and delivered its Ateilla E-Wallet software solution for transaction processing and reports. Fully Booked was able to launch a successful Christmas gift card program, and these cards continue to be accepted in all branches today.

Transitioning to cashless doesn’t have to be an implementation headache. By delivering a turnkey solution, AllCard makes it easy for marketing managers to launch reloadable prepaid cards that encourage repeat business and promote customer convenience.

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