Allcard Technology Summit

The possibilities are endless with the highly customizable Evolis Price Tag Solution. During Allcard’s 10th Technology Summit which was attended by top executives in the banking sector, Allcard cleverly used the Evolis Price Tag Solution by converting food label cards into note cards.

The event’s motif revolved around the Modern Filipino. Allcard prepared traditional toys for the guests to enjoy and revisit their Pinoy childhood days. These toys included trumpo, plastic balloons, pick-up sticks, jackstones, and yo-yo to name a few. To encourage and let the guests know that they can freely play with the traditional toys, Allcard worked with an economical and bright idea: print the note card using the efficient and multi-purpose Evolis Price Tag Solution.

Messages should be seen for it to be understood. For that to happen, a note should always be neat and easy to read. The Allcard Technology Summit displayed long card formats which provided more writing area while increasing the visibility of the label cards. The neat layout and attractive display are also useful features, making the Evolis Price Tag Solution blend well with any event theme and motif.

The all-in-one Evolis Price Tag Solution creates attractive quality plastic price tags quickly and efficiently.  It comes in standard (credit card) and long format sizes. Whether you’re preparing for a traditional or themed event, the Evolis Price Tag Solution will make your events look elegant and stylish.

Having an event soon? Plan your event with style using the Evolis Price Tag Solution!